what job seekers wantAccording to a study by Indeed.com, money is not the primary focus of job seekers as the highest-paid professionals in the country were found to be restless while healthcare workers are most satisfied with their jobs, regardless of salary. Entitled “What Job Seekers Want: Occupation Satisfaction and Desirability Report,” the study is predictive of which occupations could be losing workforce. Report author Tara Sinclair wrote:

“Economists have long wondered what prompts an individual to change occupations. If someone decides to search for a new job how do they decide whether or not to move into a new occupation, which occupations do they consider, and what implications does that have for their current occupation.”

“Answers to these questions can … equip employers with information to effectively attract job candidates to particular positions. Employers can also begin to better understand and evaluate how they compete for new employees” she continued.

Employed Indeed users looked at other occupations 81 percent of the time and searched in their own occupations less than half the time. Other key findings include:

  • Health care ranks fifth in average wages, yet tops the satisfaction survey.
  • Health care support has a surprisingly high satisfaction rating despite low salaries.
  • Those with highly specialized jobs (medicine, law, architecture, office administrative) stay put.
  • Despite the highest average salary, management looked at other occupations more than 50 percent of the time.

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