October 15, 2012

Infographic: 10 Things We Love (and Hate) About HR

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love hrNetbase, social media and web-based analysis company, and SAP, business management software, solutions, services provider, just released an infographic, “10 Things We Love (and Hate) About HR,” detailing the more than 315,000 online conversations about HR over the past year. Most of the collected data came from blogs, forums, Twitter and Facebook.

The most conversations came from the following four countries: U.S. (40 percent), U.K. (25 percent) and Australia and Canada, both at 10 percent. Thirty percent more men made up the conversations than women. They concluded that the HR field has a net sentiment of 57 and a passion intensity of 30, areas the infographic says HR can improve upon.

The top five things “most loved” about HR included:

  • Deliver the Goods: thanking HR for delivering paychecks, learning and services (50 percent)
  • Create Balance: love how HR helps work-life balance and creates a harmonious environment (30 percent)
  • Hire Winners: HR helps pick winning candidates (10 percent)
  •  Manage a Family: grateful for the way HR manages employees (10 percent)
  • Run Smooth: think HR keeps things running (5 percent)

The top five things “most hated” about HR included:

  • Gatekeeping: 30 percent complain HR doesn’t approve requests
  •  Laziness: 30 percent perceive HR as lazy
  • Accident Prone: 15 percent think HR makes mistakes
  • Inactive: 15 percent said HR is tied up in corporate policies
  • Slow: 10 percent don’t believe HR is keeping up with the speed of business

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