Mobile_Infographic sectionAlmost every day, someone from the HR and recruitment world pumps out a “this is what you need to know about Millennials” article. And, yes you guessed it, this post is no different. Most of these types of articles aim to offer readers some form of insight on dealing with the Millenial generation. Today’s advice? We’re going mobile.

Education technology provider, ConnectEDU has created an infographic, “Millennials and Mobile Recruiting,” to help readers understand just how millennials use mobile for job searching.

Did you know that 68 percent of the 18-25-year-olds polled use their mobile devices to search for jobs? The primary mobile channels were:

  • Job search website (56%)
  • Company website (53%)
  • Career-related App (32%)
  • Career advice/resource website (28%)

When using their mobile devices, Millennials prefer certain types of career content. The most common include:

  • Job postings (85%)
  • Company information (69%)
  • Visual data/infographics (46%)
  • Photos (36%)

Millennials also like to find career content on social media, videos and blogs.

And if you’re trying to appeal or reach out to this group of job seekers via mobile, job alerts are the way to go. A whopping 79 percent of those polled said they respond to job alerts on their mobile devices. At 38 percent, newsletters were the second most common thing Millennials respond to via mobile. And if you’re thinking of spending money on a job advertisement, think again. Only 14 percent of respondents said they respond to banner ads on their mobile devices.


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