expanded manager moduleRussell Associates’ mobile inspection, audit, and observation system, inspectiTRAC, has received expanded functionality to its Manager portion to provide further tools for companies to reduce the costs of inspections, audits, and observations. Cost reductions occur thanks to a reduction in employee inspection data and transfer time and increased data accuracy. The tablet-based software is also designed to reduce the time necessary for completing inspections and limiting errors in data entry.

The inspectiTRAC Manger workplace tool is a system for reporting, scheduling, alerting, and notifying of data and resolutions through data collected with inspectiTRAC Data Collector. This data is available in real-time to provide information needed to quickly and effectively make decisions for uninterrupted productivity. One of the new features is a report writer tool, which allows users to create custom reports with filtered and sorted data from completed inspections. The report is then exportable, sharable, and savable for use by other users.

A redesigned dashboard also improves functionality through making recently uploaded data from inspections, audits, and observations, plus scheduled inspections, available to view on the dashboard. An overview of issues found during inspections is now also available from the dashboard and include unresolved issues, newest issues, and the issues most recently resolved. Users may now also customize the dashboard to include only as much data as they want to see without viewing a report. Direct links to data are also available for quick access to original reports of inspections audits, and observations. Corrective actions can now also be assigned to issues discovered during an inspection, providing assigned users with texts and emails alerting them of the assignment, the needed corrective action, and when the task has been completed.


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