insperity logoHR and business performance solutions provider Insperity has announced the launch of Insperity ExpensView, an extension to the company’s expense management solution Insperity ExpensAble Corporate. The solution offers a free 90-day trial to new and existing customers and provides detailed data on travel and entertainment (T&E) expenses along with a professional analysis of the data for mid-market and enterprise clients.

“Insperity ExpensView offers transparency and key information about how a customer’s employees are using their T&E budget,” John Tangredi, Insperity Expense Management division president, said. “Our responsibility is to interpret the information and provide advice to the customer, enabling smart business decisions. For example, if many employees are violating a per diem policy, perhaps they need better training, the per diem may need to be increased or the policy itself should be changed.”

ExpensView offers analyses of the following:

• System statistics, like receipt imaging sources and login methods;

• Report metrics such as identifying high-volume expense filers, approvers, and reimbursement approval time;

• A breakdown of spending categorized by payment method, type of expense, merchant, location, and department; and

• Monitoring of most frequently warnings and violators for maintaining policy compliance.

Given that T&E spending accounts for a significant portion of many companies’ budgets, ExpensView offers businesses the tools to counter ineffective spending and identify fraud, both of which can have major impacts of the bottom line.


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