ebook on workplace feedbackInteraction Associates, a consultancy firm offering business management training services, has released a new eBook on workplace feedback designed for use across the spectrum of any organization. The eBook, entitled “Workplace Feedback: The Complete Guide to Giving and Getting – For Top Bosses, Entry-levels, and Everyone in Between”, is a handbook with strategies and methods for individuals and teams to improve performance and build trust.

“Feedback on the job is tricky in most organizations – and it can be treacherous when handled poorly or when coworkers lack a shared understanding of how to do it well,” Linda Stewart, CEO of Interaction Associates, said. “But doing it right builds trust, dissolves barriers, and yields better work and stronger results.”

Feedback is commonly understood as sharing information with co-workers about the impact their behavior is having on the team’s results, process, or relationships. It can be shared up or down the reporting ladder, as well as laterally, to peers. Many organizations have established formal, annual performance feedback systems.

This new feedback eBook breaks the topic down with actionable sections for addressing various challenges that arise on the job. They include: Five Steps to Giving Feedback, How to Receive Feedback, Feedback Conversations that Work, Timing Feedback Correctly, Giving the Boss Feedback, and What to Do When Feedback Isn’t Enough.

“We come up against this issue time and time again in our work with clients: How to give feedback so everyone wins,” Patty McManus, senior consultant at Interaction Associates, said. “And one of the biggest a-ha’s for people is the notion that you can do it differently and do it really well. You can even give the boss feedback in a way that usually impresses folks. This stuff is pure gold.”

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