InternMacth logoTwo years ago launched its highly successful “Kill the Cover Letter” campaign, and the company is now bringing it backthis time social media style.

The “Kill the Cover Letter Part 2: Social Media Interns” is a new campaign focused on helping employers creatively find social media interns. Instead of soliciting the traditional resume, companies have the opportunity to post their vacant roles as their social media handlesfor free.

Students are then encouraged to apply for the open roles “using creative online strategies, Tweets, links to their digital portfolios and more.”

“The recruiting and hiring process for social media interns is broken,” Nathan  Parcells, chief marketing officer at InternMatch, said. “The Killer The Cover Letter campaign is looking to transform the way companies approach hiring social media interns by showing them the benefits of taking a less traditional and more creative focus to the application process. This will bring in more talented students and ultimately better hires.”

On May 1, the company will feature internships from the first 50 companies that signed up. That same day, InternMatch will also offer a panel featuring some of the nation’s leading digital marketing experts. The panel will discuss the future of social media and offer tips and advice on hiring social media students.

The panel speakers include:

  •  Nando Rodriguez and Charlene Narcelles, Senior Social Media Recruiter for North America and Talent Acquisition Manager for North America at Olgivy and Mather and co-founders of InterviewingU
  •  Amanda Pirtle and Emily Cloud, Director of University Relations and Marketing Associate, Nestlé Purina
  •  Will Houghteling, Education and Community Partnerships Lead, Google+
  • Thomas Knoll, CEO of ClippPR, former Community Architect at Zappos

InternMatch’s first campaign proved to be a hit, with more than 30 startups requiring students to apply for internships via creative online applications. The participating companies experienced a 75 percent hiring rate.

To sign up for this year’s social media campaign, click here.

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