blue arrowsInternMatch wants to help employers create a more diverse workforce. And to do so, the company has created the infographic, “How to Incorporate Diversity Into Your Recruitment Strategy” that says hiring diverse students is the first step in a diverse recruiting process.

The data reveals that:

-85 percent of companies are taking action to hire African Americans, Latinos and women.

-81 percent of companies plan to recruit diverse candidates in 2014

-Even though a mere 30 percent of companies see their intern programs as highly diverse, only 37 percent plan to reserve intern spots for diverse students in 2014

If you’re planning to create a more diverse workforce, the infographic says that social media is your friend for sourcing diverse candidates.

  • 80 percent of Hispanics, 75 percent of African Americans and 70 percent of Whites use Twitter
  • 40 percent of African American Twitter users are ages 18-29, while 28 percent of White Twitter users fall into this same age group

Besides social media, the infographic offers a few other ways to initiate diversity into your recruitment strategy. These include:

  • Broadening your strategy by using niche job boards, on-campus career fairs and partnering with a university or professional organization to create a larger reach.
  • Making compensation count by being aware of the amount of student loan debt diverse students graduate with and offering stipends, moving expenses, scholarships, loan repayment incentives and health benefit perks.
  • Taking your recruiting efforts abroad as 70 percent of the world’s purchasing power is located outside of the U.S.
  • Offering flexible working conditions as 55 percent of students say being allowed to work offsite one day a week would increase their odds of applying for a job.

InternMatch Diversity Infographic

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