blue puzzle piecesLauren Berger had 15 internships while in college—and she still failed at her first “real” job. Now she’s using her experience to help give other workers the book she wish she’d had right out of college.

Welcome to the Real World: Finding Your Place, Perfecting Your Work, and Turning Your Job into Your Dream Career is Berger’s new novel that serves as a handbook for those who are young and new in the workplace. The book offers new workers practical tips and career advice on how to make the most out of their first on-the-job experience.

“We all have a point of origin. A place we credit for our success and our failure—a place where we become the people we are today,” Berger writes. “For some it’s college, for others it’s an internship, but for most it’s at our first jobs where we grow up, learn the ropes, make mistakes, and launch our careers.”

Berger, now a successful internship and career expert who founded— one of the top internships websites—uses experiences from her life and career combined with input from accomplished friends, professional contacts, and various experts to guide recent graduates and new workers through a range of career topics.

Her book helps readers to:

  • Shift the way you think about the workplace and adopt a new set of rules to follow for success;
  • Increase your confidence, determination, and ability to follow through at work;
  • Think big and execute well every time;
  • Efficiently prioritize your day-to-day tasks;
  • Properly maximize the time you spend at work;
  • Successfully create and manage your personal brand at work;
  • Build lasting relationships with your colleagues and team;
  • Navigate sticky office situations;
  • Embrace entrepreneurship regardless of position, rank or titles;
  • Develop efficient time-management techniques inside and outside the office;
  • Raise awareness in regard to your personal finances;
  • Increase your probability of getting promoted; and
  • Hopefully take your boss’s job (one day); to name a few.

“No matter how successful I become I cannot deny the power of that very first job—my miserable, emotional, terrible, magical first job,” Berger writes. “Your first job, just like life, will be filled with moments of doubt and frustration, but also moments where you feel truly rewarded.”

Berger’s book is available in both paperback and ebook formats.

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