ivmessage one way video messaging toolWith the announcement of ivMessage, interviewing solutions company InterviewStream has launched the first “humanizing” video messaging tool for business communications. The technology lets professionals send unlimited one-way video communications over the Internet to anyone with only a webcam. For message recipients, ivMessage presents an easily viewable video watchable from any web browser and mobile device, with videos limited to five minutes per message.

A short list of potential uses for ivMessage include: motivational messages, sales and recruitment prospecting, employee communications, compliance, announcement, and more.

“Business communications are typically conveyed by email or printed messages and they typically lack any kind of personal touch,” said Steve Throneberry, InterviewStream’s Chief Revenue Officer. “ivMessage makes it possible to humanize such messages while also providing a faster and more convenient way to communicate with large audiences.”

While all messages sent with ivMessage are private by default, users may also choose to share the URL for each message with others, or even post it on social video sharing sites, such as YouTube. Additionally, the tool offers customizable expiration dates for each message. As another first, ivMessage offers open-rate analytics and hosts sent messages for review or further distribution in the future, all through an administrative dashboard. In effect, ivMessage provides personalized video messaging without the need for extensive production costs or other excessive resource needs.


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