November 14, 2016

Introducing the Soulmates: Engagement and Transparency


Standing in the light is far better than hiding. But at first it is uncomfortable.

I have a point of view about employee engagement that is focused on building highly collaborative environments wherein everyone learns the skills of change. As part of the journey, I advocate building environments where there is nothing left to hide.

As transparency throws open the doors, employers are being forced to adopt healthier behaviors. The most egregious examples of disengagement happen because someone believes no one sees them. Shine a light on everyone. Perhaps the healthiest outcome of across-the-board transparency is that we end isolation – the single most disastrous counterpoint to engagement and success with personal change.

Cameras, software and feedback forums have reached such a state of sophistication that we can measure performance, accuracy, customer satisfaction, loyalty, efficiency, and innovation in real time. Full transparency supports performance. It also supports connecting with others. Over the years at Inspired Work, it has become clear to us that the single greatest contributor to personal failure is isolation.

Employers will do more harm than good if they use technology to create a police state. Instead, use transparency to shine a spotlight on good news, right action, and positive engagement. Of course, there will be times when we need to use our resources to solve an employee problem. The value comes in emphasizing transparency as a positive resource.

Use transparency to build better relationships. Create environments where there is nothing to hide.

David Harder is the founder of Inspired Work.

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Im 1990, David founded Inspired Work, which has helped more than 42,000 professionals transform their relationships with work. Individuals from all walks of life attend Inspired Work’s public programs to launch new careers, new businesses, or to become more successful in their existing roles. David views work as a profound opportunity to become more fulfilled, contributive, and effective. His leadership, employee engagement, executive development, and social networking programs are used in a wide variety of organizations, including The Walt Disney Company, HBO, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Loyola Marymount University, University of Southern California, The United Church of Religious Science, Morgan Stanley, and many others. Inspired Work’s leadership programs, career development, and team building programs produce some of the worlds most outstanding satisfaction numbers in any business: 92.6 percent. David has appeared on many business and human-interest programs, including CNN, KTLA News, KFWB News, and Business News Network. David’s new book, "The Workplace Engagement Solution" (Career Press), is available at all bookstores.