Sure, you have a great job. Your boss is cool. You have a good salary and benefits package. Nobody complains when you take vacation.

But is it the best of all possible jobs? If you’re wondering how your job stacks up against the best jobs across the country, you’ll want to take a look at this year’s “50 Best Jobs in America” list from job site Glassdoor.

“This report highlights jobs that stand out across three key factors: earning potential, hiring demand, and job satisfaction,” explains Andrew Chamberlain, chief economist at Glassdoor.

Of particular note, Glassdoor’s research shows that higher pay is linked to job satisfaction, but in a smaller way than you might expect.

“Money can buy happiness, but other workplace factors actually have a larger impact on your overall satisfaction — including culture and values, career opportunities, and the quality of senior leadership,” Chamberlain says.

Many of the jobs on Glassdoor’s list are in high-growth sectors, such as tech, healthcare, and finance. Competition for talent is fierce in these areas, so it’s no surprise to see workers report high satisfaction. Companies are bending over backward to attract and retain skilled talent.

“Plus, we are currently experiencing a strong labor market with almost 6 million open jobs, hence corporate recruiters are in especially high demand, as companies need help finding the right people for all of the other in-demand jobs,” Chamberlain says. “And these employees report strong job satisfaction because they are uniquely positioned to help others find their own dream jobs.”

Tech jobs are also in high demand across industries, in part because “every company is trying to become a tech company these days,” Chamberlain says.

“They all need people who know how to collect, organize, and analyze data to help them make better, more informed business decisions,” Chamberlain continues. “Not only do we see a rise in demand for people with the skills to apply statistics and machine learning to gather actionable insights based on data for businesses, but [we also see] jobs directly involved in business decision-making — such as business analysts, strategy managers, and business development managers — are highly sought after.”

What Makes a Good Job a Best Job?

Data scientist tops the Glassdoor list for the third consecutive year, suggesting there’s something special about this role that makes it stand above other jobs. Chamberlain chalks it up to high demand (4,524 open jobs), high salaries ($110,000 median base salary), and high rates of job satisfaction.

Data scientists and many of their fellow top 50 roles share a number of things in common, but one of the primary qualities they share is availability across verticals and industries.

“A key trend we see for these ‘Best Jobs’ is that many of these roles are also ones that can be found in almost every industry — from data scientists to HR managers and executive assistants,” Chamberlain says. “This is encouraging for people with these skills, as there is a wide range of career opportunities to consider. Plus, with the growing impact of automation across industries, demand will continue to grow for workers with the ability to leverage technology to enhance what they do on a daily basis.”

The Doctor Is in (and So Are Her Coworkers)

That’s not to say every job on the list crosses industry borders the way many tech jobs do. The healthcare industry also boasts prominent placement on Glassdoor’s list. Occupational therapist ranks No. 4, followed by physician assistant (No. 25), nursing manager (No. 28), speech language pathologist (No. 35), and nurse practitioner (No. 49).

“An interesting debut to our ‘Best Jobs’ list is speech language pathologist, which is related to the broader boom in healthcare jobs,” says Chamberlain. “This role is focused on helping people, oftentimes children, improve their lives and well-being, without the downsides associated with emergency room work or nursing. It is no surprise that many of these employees are satisfied at work. Plus, people with these strong and creative communication skills will be able to use technology to enhance their work and are in no danger of being replaced by automation this year, if ever.”

It can be difficult to find passion in your work. You may be trudging along from paycheck to paycheck, thinking there’s nothing better out there. For readers looking to guarantee growth, satisfaction, and opportunity, the 50 jobs on Glassdoor’s list will be a good place to start.

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