blue arrows has released a new survey examining the attitudes held by workers within the IT industry regarding the general job market and overall sentiment. And while most IT workers expressed satisfaction with their jobs, job security was found to be the locus of concern.

Key insights gleaned from the survey include:

• IT workers rank fourth in job satisfaction, only topped by engineering, finance, and healthcare professionals.

• 87 percent of IT pros think that more and more IT jobs are being outsourced offshore.

• 52 percent think that offshore outsourcing devalues their skillsets and leads to salary reductions.

• 14 percent feel that outsourcing is required for global business growth.

“While job satisfaction in the IT sector is relatively strong, it is apparent that IT employees in the U.S. are apprehensive about their job security due to the belief that outsourcing offshore is increasing,” said Jeffrey Quinn, Vice President of Monster’s Global Insights. “To keep the best IT talent, Monster data suggests that employers must recognize the job aspects valued most by workers, including salary, use of skills, and career advancement. Employers should also work towards integrating IT employees with the rest of the office to increase satisfaction and boost morale.”

Even as perceptions within the IT job market are pessimistic regarding job security, demand for IT professions continues to be strong and probably outstrips the supply of workers, hence the reliance on outsourcing. The top 10 list of cities with the most demand for IT occupations, such as software developers, web developers, and computer systems analysts, include (in descending order):

• New York City

• Washington, D.C.

• Chicago

• Seattle

• Atlanta

• San Francisco

• Houston

• Boston

• Austin

• Dallas

The top ten IT occupations include (in ascending order):

• Software developers, applications

• Web developers

• Computer systems analysts

• Network and computer systems administrators

• Computer user support specialists

• Information technology project managers

• Computer programmers

• Software quality assurance engineers and testers

• Computer systems engineers/architects

• Database administrators


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