NewsRealizing how frustrating it can be to spend hours on the computer looking for the right job, YouShallThrive Inc. now offers a simple and unique tool for job searching called Jobogram. makes a list of customized job opportunities from top job boards on the Internet and sends them to your inbox on a daily basis. The user can customize his requirements by providing details of location, job title and so on at the website. A list of targeted and customized job opportunities are collected from top online job boards and delivered to your inbox every day for the cost of a daily cup of coffee. Similar programs are usually offered from individual job boards, but the new service makes it a bit easier to aggregate job alerts from around the web.

YouShallThrive Inc. is a digital marketing company that has developed this service. The company also offers Internet marketing, planning of advertisements, multimedia and social media productions. The objective is to provide easy solutions at a reasonable price. It was founded by Nicholas P.Woodward, President and CEO, and the company offers the most effective online interactions. The automation recipe created by Nicholas provided the inspiration for Jobogram, helping YouShallThrive to become a major marketing company. offers a free seven day trial and then users pay $1.95 per week thereafter.

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