NewsHalogen Software, a leading provider of talent management technologies, has recently announced that their unique job description builder has now become one of their best-selling solutions. Halogen reports that their Job Description Builder has proved popular across all industries, but in particular, HR professionals from healthcare organizations have flocked in great numbers to the innovative talent tool.

“With Halogen Job Description Builder, we can integrate position descriptions into our performance management process,” said Pam Brown, Director of Human Resources at Carle Foundation. “This functionality makes it easier to tie descriptions to our core competencies, many of which are set by The Joint Commission. As a result, we are creating outcome-based job descriptions that better reflect performance expectations for all of our employees.”

Part of Job Description Builder’s meteoric rise in popularity can be attributed to its one of a kind workflow that links job descriptions to talent management functions. The tool bridges the gap between job descriptions and talent processes, including job requisitions, performance appraisals, learning and development activities, and succession planning.

“Job descriptions are a fundamental building block of our talent management processes, so it is critical that they are consistent and can be easily updated,” said Andrea Resnik, HR Manager, Fairbanks Hospital. “Halogen Job Description Builder helps to alleviate the administrative burden of job descriptions and turns them into a strategic tool that enables our hospital to ensure goals and competencies are clearly articulated to employees. This offering is proof of Halogen’s commitment to meeting actual customer needs and delivering outstanding value.”

To learn more about the service, please visit Halogen’s Company Website.

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