December 11, 2011

Job Posting Service Resfly Adds Video Interviewing

NewsResfly, a company dedicated to posting jobs online to multiple job boards, has developed a new service that includes video interviewing for hiring managers for employee screening purposes when they apply for a new job. Resfly recognizes that the use of webcams and social networks are on the rise, as Skype and Google’s “Hangouts” are becoming more popular, so they have developed this new service to benefit hiring managers.

Resfly allows hiring managers to create a job quickly and post it to multiple job boards, such as and Those that sign up for this service can utilize the video interviewing at no additional charge and can use it as often as they like.

Asim Baig, president of Resfly, stated, “This technology offers employers a glimpse of a potential hire that paper can never replicate. As employers continue to adopt new technology to streamline their hiring, they’re becoming more open to video interviews.”

Users can ask potential employees three questions per job with a time limit of one minute. Project manager Tony Sternberg adds, “Our team has a long tradition of being at the cutting edge of technology as it meets hiring. We’re continuing that tradition with Resfly. The industry is ripe for innovation and we see lots of opportunity ahead.” Users can also utilize Resfly’s free career portal to create a web presence for a company and utilize comprehensive analytics to measure effectiveness. To learn more about Resfly and its video interviewing, visit

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