Woman at airport windowOne of the most sought after traits in a job is security—the knowledge that your job will be there for as long as you need it. And it doesn’t take much of a stretch of the imagination to see how moving jobs can be a major life stressor even if an employee’s potential is higher at another company. But sometimes it is impossible to remain at a job for a number of reasons, be it related to development opportunities, work environment, or the condition of the economy. Take a look at some of the symptoms of a job that may be holding back your career so that you can better determine whether it is time to consider seeking employment in greener pastures:

Your Job doesn’t Cater to Your Strengths

No one is good at everything and there are many positions where one may find that the skills he or she has dedicated years to cultivating just aren’t relevant to their current job. Our effectiveness at our jobs is also closely related to how much we enjoy performing the everyday tasks required of the work. If you can’t stand what you are doing, this is an immediate red flag that you are in the wrong business.

Sometimes the problem is with an organization’s management. Good management will delegate work in a way that assigns tasks to those employees who are best equipped to
perform them. That is, the stronger an employee performs in a task, the more likely he or she is to regularly work at that task. Unfortunately, not all managers are good managers and often do a poor job at delegating with the end result being a workplace full of unhappy employees.

Your Trek up the Corporate Ladder is Slow to Stagnant

Most companies, especially large companies who have gone public, are intensely focused on increasing profits from quarter to quarter, meaning most of a corporate executive’s day is spent obsessing with the bottom line instead of organizational talent. Unfortunately, your company may not have the time or resources to work on developing and promoting their employees. If you feel that your future is limited at your current employer, now is a great time to develop an exit strategy.

Your Work Environment is Unhealthy or Operates on Unethical Principles

Your surroundings, and the people who inhabit them on a daily basis, have a profound effect on how you feel about your job and your level of performance. A workplace that generates low morale among employees is likely to produce an  environment of complacency and indifference. Additionally, if unethical, immoral, or unprincipled behavior is the accepted norm at your workplace, it’s probably a good time to take the risk and seek out a healthier employer with a supportive and ethical environment.

Business is Slowing to a Crawl with No Signs of Improvement

While sales positions are most prone to feeling the effects of a dying business at first, eventually, if the customer pool dries up, no one’s salary is getting paid. In the world of business, loyalty is a precious commodity but don’t let this noble trait lead you to unemployment. If a company is tanking, let it go and find a job at a more financially secure company.

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