September 1, 2014

Joberate’s J-Index to Measure Job-seeking Behavior to Predict Employee Attrition

j-index predicts employee attritionJoberate has announced the launch of J-index, a real-time predictive analytic that measures the percentage of companies’ employees considering new jobs outside of their current employer. Joberate J-index is a leading indicator of voluntary employee attrition, employee satisfaction and engagement, and is an integral predictive analytic of global employment sentiment. Currently J-index measures employees of Fortune 100 companies, but Joberate plans are already in place to expand J-index to measure all Global 2000 companies.

Joberate technology measures job seeking behaviors of the global workforce, and feeds this information as training data into a proprietary machine learning predictive analytics engine. The engine quantifies how likely a person is to seek a new employment opportunity outside of their current employer. Joberate technology leverages up to 6,000 data points about each individual, making it unique in its functionality and application.

“Launching J-index is aligned with our vision of a more transparent employment market, and our mission of helping society better understand job seeking behaviors of the global workforce,” Michael Beygelman, Joberate CEO, said.

Beygelman continued, “Even though we are living in the information age, companies rely on incomplete data to understand what is happening with their workforce, how to capture opportunities, and how to avoid risk. Launching J-index is our contribution to society, so that what is happening in the workplace can become more transparent and actionable.”

J-index is real-time data accessible for free on the Joberate website. We also encourage visitors to subscribe to free alerts when the index changes. Companies interested in leveraging Joberate technology to measure their own workforce, or as a recruitment tool, can fill out a form at the Joberate website to request additional information.

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