newsOut of Tel Aviv, entrepreneur Arik Filstein has unveiled his new semantic search engine for employment addressing keyword-search failure during the job-matching process. Filstein notes, “In many cases the employer cannot find a talent or the talent can’t find an employer. The reason is simply due to the fact that the match between employers and talents in most cases was initiated by keywords or tags.”

The engine is designed to help both the talent to find employers and employers find talent by finding better matches through connections to the world’s largest database of titles and skills, leading to near instantaneous matching of search characters for which an applicant or employer is looking.

Filstein illustrated an example scenario for his engine by noting that, “When a software developer searches for a job he describes himself simply as what he is, a ‘software developer.’ The first problem is that when an employer seeks a ‘software engineer with knowledge of SQL and NET,’ our software developer will never be found due to the lack of a keyword match even though there is a perfect semantic fit between them. Another example is an attorney listed as specializing in medical malpractice who is not found when an employer will look for an attorney with experience in cases dealing with emergency room negligence.”

He continues, “With our development of the world’s largest semantic engine, we have alleviated the most painful problem in the online recruitment industry. The engine is the result of the hard work of our algorithms team over the course of several years. The multilingual engine can find tens of millions of links and values for each position or skill in the job market.” To learn more, please visit the new website.

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