Jobs word, white backgroundDirectEmployers Association, the HR consortium that oversees .JOBS Microsites, has announced new upgrades for fully branding and modifying the microsites. With .JOBS Flexible Template, Custom Homepage, and an interactive jobs map, employers can amplify their brands and display job opportunities by location.

“When we enhance our products, we are always mindful of our main end-users, employers and job seekers. With these new updates, the employer can more efficiently market their company’s employment brand and job seekers can view more of the culture and unique selling points the company is looking to portray. These upgrades, in essence, help bring the brand to life,” said Bill Warren, Executive Director, DirectEmployers Association.

The parent company of DirectEmployers, REI, was the first to pilot the new features and merged their .JOBS microsite and corporate site with incorporated images, copy, and videos brand just like its .COM site. In addition to the upgrades to employer branding on .JOBS Microsites, the interactive jobs map gives job seekers the ability to search for jobs by locations with visuals. The feature can display jobs at the nationwide level.

Additional information about Flexible Template, Custom Homepage, and the interactive jobs map is available at the .JOBS Universe gallery website.


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