December 14, 2012

Health Care Jobs Top List of Best for People with Disabilities

jobs signAccording to, the top three best professions for workers with disabilities include pharmaceutical sales, pharmacy technician, and physician’s assistant. The report notes that while 54 million Americans currently have a disability, only about 20 percent participate in the traditional workforce. Discrimination is the primary obstacle for disabled job seekers when searching for employment.

“Organizations specializing in job placement for the disabled find that healthcare employers offer better access to careers than any other industry,” Tony Lee, Publisher, said. “Many Americans have some kind of disability and a large percentage of them either work in health care today or will find a job in that sector in the future.”

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics measured unemployment for the disabled at 12.9 percent, about 5 percent higher than the national average and well above the 9.3 percent rate measured before the recession. However, many new positions within the health care sector are being created regularly, offering more opportunities for disabled candidates. The following list contains the top 10 best jobs for disabled workers according to the poll:

• Pharmaceutical sales – median pay: $56,620, outlook: 16 percent growth

• Pharmacy Technician – median pay: $28,400, outlook: 32 percent growth

• Physician Assistant – median pay: $86,410, outlook: 30 percent

• Accountant/Auditor – median pay: $61,690, outlook: 16 percent growth

• Telecommunications Equipment Specialist – median pay: $54,710, outlook: 15 percent growth

• Software Developer – median pay: $90,530, outlook: 30 percent growth

• Market Research Analyst – median pay :$60,570, outlook: 41 percent growth

• Vocational Counselor – median pay: $53,380, outlook: 19 percent growth

• Medical Technologist – median pay: $46,680, outlook: 13 percent growth

• Management Analyst – median pay: $78,160, outlook: 22 percent growth

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