October 17, 2011

Jobscience Extends Global Reach By Partnering with IT Service Providers

NewsJobscience, a leading provider of talent relationship management solutions on the Force.com platform, has recently announced that its flagship TalentCloud solution is now being sold and supported by eight professional IT service partners across the globe. These strategic partners, based in APAC, Europe and the U.S, allow customers to utilize their services for the purchase, set-up, and support of Jobscience’s TalentCloud applications.

Multinational companies benefit greatly from this extended global reach. Customers can utilize the IT companies for business process consulting, data migration, implementation and maintenance services to TalentCloud. Organizations can expand globally with confidence, knowing Jobscience has a support structure in place to assist with their recruitment and talent management technologies.

“As companies expand their workforce into new regions, they face significant talent acquisition, employee on-boarding and training challenges,” said Ted Elliott, CEO of Jobscience. “By embracing a CRM approach to human capital management and leveraging the power of Jobscience TalentCloud on the Force.com platform, they can turn global talent acquisition, development and management challenges into a competitive advantage.”

TalentCloud’s award-winning suite includes solutions for recruiting, managing, onboarding and learning, all of which run on the acclaimed salesforce.com Force.com platform. The partnered professional IT service providers that will be supporting the applications include: 2cloudnine, Cloud Consulting, ForceBrain.com, GlobalOne, ITBconsult, Nuage Group, WebResults and westbrook International.

“Many of our clients have offices in multiple regions and need insight into the performance of these business units as well as support for local requirements,” said Adam Edmondson, director 2cloudnine. “They need a Talent Relationship Management solution that can be centrally managed, but accessible to employees and managers in all regions. The Jobscience TalentCloud applications have the unique flexibility to configure country-specific business rules and user-specified language preferences with a few clicks. This highly configurable, cloud-based approach provides our customers with rapid business insight without the need to build complex IT infrastructure.”

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