news blockPeoplefluent and Professional Diversity Network (PDN) have announced a joint marketing relationship to establish a platform for diversity professionals. The platform provides professionals with compliant candidate sourcing solutions to drive a more diverse, and higher performance, workforce. Peoplefluent’s Workforce Compliance and Diversity solutions suite and PDN’s rich recruitment network combine to create a diverse group of talent while complying with OFCCP and EEOC regulations.

“The power of our collective products and services allows organizations to realize the potential of a well-planned and managed inclusion strategy, in a manner that’s EEO-OFCCP compliant,” said Jim Kirsch, CEO of PDN. “Aligning technology with the critical needs of diversity-seeking employers requires innovation, deep industry knowledge and awareness of how the changing workforce impacts recruitment efforts. By combining Professional Diversity Network and Peoplefluent’s best-of-breed resources, we are leading the charge for improving HR practitioners’ ability to build a diverse, high-performance workforce.”

The suite of workforce compliance and diversity solutions offers tools including:

• Affirmative action planning for leveraging workforce metrics to develop efficient AA plans.

• An automated Good Faith Efforts Manager tool to streamline tracking, reporting, and communication of compliance assets and outreach efforts.

• Risk mitigation through Peoplefluent’s team of consultants who provide quantitative analysis to assess legal risk prior to federal audits. Audit preparation support and EEO compliance consulting and training are also offered throughout the process.

“By employing today’s workforce compliance best practices, HR professionals can support organizational goals by pinpointing high-performing candidates while also encompassing diversity of thought, skill, expertise, education or experience,” said Randy Jesberg, SVP and General Manager, Workforce Compliance and Diversity Solutions, Peoplefluent. “Collaboration with Professional Diversity Network establishes a collective brainpower focused on supporting Peoplefluent customer’s recruiting efforts by taking an enterprise inclusion strategy to the next level.”


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