finger touching virtual screenKaya Services, a virtual assistant company, has announced a two-hour trial of virtual assistant staffing to small and medium-sized businesses to demonstrate the benefits of using a virtual assistant company to complete many digitized tasks. Using a virtual assistant takes the process of using additional help to the next level. Employers do not need to designate space, office equipment, office supplies and on-site supervision. Professional Employer Organizations (PEO), such as Kaya Services, outsource many routine daily tasks when a full-time employee cannot be afforded or is not totally needed. In hiring a virtual assistant (VA), employers do not have to pay for standard benefits or workman’s compensation insurance.

VA’s perform such duties as making business plans, preparing and coordinating market research and financial feasibility reports. They are available for transcription services, data mining and data entry, bookkeeping, appointment setting, email management and general office duties. An international VA like Kaya can also assist with order processing and Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) management.

A full list of back office services offered by Kaya include:

• Research and analysis for preparing business plans, market research projects, and financial feasibility reports.

• Transcriptions services, including medical and audio transcription.

• Recruitment Process Outsourcing.

• Data mining and data entry.

• Appointment setting, email management, and general office duties.

• Content moderation.

• Order processing.

• Bookkeeping.

• Customer relations management.

• Translations services.

• Real estate support.

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