February 6, 2014

KEDAR IT Cost Optimization Service Solution Addresses IT Spending Management

cost optimization services solution version 3KEDAR Information Technologies’ Cost Optimization Service (COp-S) solution Version 3 helps companies better manage and optimize IT spending across all IT services. Users simply enter existing data from spreadsheets, the GL, and project budgets and metrics from ITSM tools into COp-S for automatic optimization. The result is a selection of dashboards, scorecards, and other budget and spending representations. Users can then create cost optimization scenarios and ROI business justifications, including:

• Benchmarks and baseline costs against other service options.

• Detailed “what if” analysis across all IT services.

• Drill-down from customer-facing IT services to key cost drivers.

• Tracking on-going actual costs versus budgeted costs.

The technology  integrates traditional IT budget and cost management practices into a single solution. Primary industry best practices include: Total Cost Ownership (TCO), Activity Based Costing (ABC), Managerial Cost Accounting, Asset Management, IT Service Management (ITSM), IT Financial Management (ITFM, and Business Intelligence (BI) reporting.

“We are having great success with our COp-S™ Version 3 Solution. COp-S is rich in IT Financial Management (ITSM) and Cost Optimization functionality, and battle tested in large and medium sized organizations. KEDARit is recognized by Gartner as one of four top ITFM Consulting Specialists – by Gartner Group analyst Stuart Buchman. Primarily due to the release of COp-S Version 3, we can no longer operate in stealth mode,” says Charles Williams, CEO of KEDARit.

“Typically, customers are able to reduce IT spending by 3% to 8%. Some customers are able to redeploy budget dollars to business critical areas, by recognizing over spending in less critical areas. The point is, that now these customers can make IT spending decisions based on actual data,” says Neil Nobie, KEDARit COO.


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