A generation ago, workers would smile when the boss announced plans to be away for a few days. That generally meant a few unsupervised days during which employees wouldn’t have to worry about management breathing constantly over their shoulders.

Today, however, the boss’s vacation time doesn’t provoke such euphoria. That’s because managers have learned to go mobile, thanks to a slew of apps out there that help them keep track of the office no matter where they or their employees are.

Here are four such apps that can help busy managers stay on track with their own work – as well as the work of their employees – at all times:

1. Dragon Dictation

Need to dictate a letter to an assistant who isn’t anywhere near you? You can use a dictation app called Dragon Dictation, which allows you to dictate documents and then paste the text you just dictated into other applications. The app is free on iOS.

If you want a voice-to-text app for your Android phone, check out FlexT9.

2. Evernote

Evernote is many a mobile manager’s best friend. This note-taking app stores photos, voice memos, and text memos in one central location, so you can access your notes from any device. Record a memo on your phone, and then bring it up on your laptop later.

The basic program is free, but premium versions with additional features are available as well.

3. Slyng

Slyng is especially useful for highly collaborative distributed teams. This free content-sharing app, available for iOS and Android and on the Web, allows you to push useful information to select people. You create channels and populate them with relevant info from the Web or pull content from the various tools you use everyday. Invite your team members and customize your channels to make them accessible your way.

4. BizExpense

CafeNeed to keep track of business expenses and associated receipts while you’re on the road? It’s easy to do with BizExpense. Once installed on your iOS device, you can use BizExpense to scan receipts directly into your phone or tablet. No more stashing crumpled receipts in your pockets and spending hours sorting through them when it’s time to submit your reimbursement form!

The basic app is free, and you can upgrade to a more feature-heavy version for a small fee.

If you don’t like BizExpense, Scanner Pro serves a similar purpose, but with more flexible use. This app lets you turn your iPhone’s camera into a document scanner. You can use it to store receipts like you would with BizExpense, but you can also use it to digitize contracts, business cards, and any other important pieces of paper you may come across.

With access to so many mobile productivity apps, on-the-go managers no longer have to worry when they’re away from the office. They can stay on top of their own work and in touch with their teams no matter where they are.

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