korn ferry launches big data talent analytics engineKorn Ferry has announced the launch of Korn Ferry’s Four Dimensions of Leadership & Talent (KF4D). KF4D, which will serve as the firm’s new talent intelligence “engine,” helps companies to identify top talent for their organizations, assess performance and developmental gaps of their leaders, measure the effectiveness of their global talent workforce overall, and compare their level of talent to their industry peers.

Underpinning KF4D is Korn Ferry’s talent intelligence, which includes more than 2.5 million assessments and profiles of 8.5 million candidates. Leveraging this talent-focused Big Data, Korn Ferry’s team of social scientists developed this framework around the four crucial areas that matter most for individual and organizational success: competencies, experiences, traits and drivers.

• Competencies – the skills and behaviors required for success that can be observed.

• Experiences – assignments or roles that prepare a person for future opportunities.

• Traits – inclinations, aptitudes and natural tendencies, including personality and intellectual capacity.

• Drivers – values and interests that influence a person’s career path, motivation, and engagement.

These four areas are highly predictive of performance differences, and correlate with all key talent variables: engagement, retention, productivity, leadership effectiveness, and leadership potential. By focusing on these four areas and utilizing KF4D to analyze their workforce, organizations will have a much more intelligent, sophisticated and real-time understanding of their overall global workforce performance and how they stack up against their competition.

“In today’s slow growth, fast change environment the issues are vastly complex. An organization’s ability to identify, measure and project the effectiveness of their talent is critical,” said Gary D. Burnison, CEO of Korn Ferry. “With the launch of Korn Ferry’s Four Dimensions of Leadership and Talent we are taking a giant step forward in helping our clients assess the performance and potential of their current and future leaders.”


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