workforce ready suite boosts performanceKronos Inc., has announced the latest version of its Workforce Ready workforce management cloud suite which includes new applications for small and medium-sized businesses for minimizing compliance risks with labor laws, in addition to a number of interface enhancements. Workforce Ready now includes several new capabilities, compliance applications and enhancements:

Extended global capabilities include:

  • Absentee control using the Bradford Factor for defining absences, identifying unreliable employees, setting alarms when absences exceed pre-set limits, and real-time absence tracking.
  • Overtime and employee leave management through tracking of overtime requests, mandated time off, and vacation time including compliance assurance with country- and regional-specific mandates.

Affordable Care Act compliance:

  • Preconfigured current and historical reporting down to the employee level.
  • Manager notifications when ACA eligibility status of an employee changes.
  • Automates affordability calculations and benefit enrollment process across HR, time and attendance, and payroll.

Leave management compliance:

  • Automates leave administration ensuring accurate management and error reduction.
  •  Comprehensive visibility of employee leave availability and eligibility and leave tracking.
  • Prevents unauthorized or ineligible time off and tracks time and eligibility of each leave case.

Interface enhancements:

  • Customizable graphical business process workflow engine to increase HR productivity and efficiency.
  • Ties workers’ compensation deductions to vendor policies to ensure compliance with regulations.


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