app offers enhanced expense trackingTalygen’s flagship Business Management Automation software application has been expanded to include an enhanced version of its Expense Tracking Model. The feature-rich expense tracking app allows businesses to enter in and manage reimbursable expenses for varying projects and business trips. Employees can attach receipts via smartphone by simply taking pictures of each necessary document. The electronic version of the receipt is then automatically attached to the expense and becomes accessible through the cloud.

According to Harold Saini, Talygen’s chief program manager, “Talygen allows any employee to track expenses in real time. Imagine filling out your expense report with an attached receipt on your smartphone before you ever leave the hotel or restaurant. There are also many enhanced features like limits and approvals that may be necessary for each project or trip. Talygen’s expense tracker can be customized to do business the way that you do. This is just one more feature that makes Talygen the leader in Business Automation Management.”

The expense management solution, along with the other features offered by the Talygen Business Management Automation suite, help business owners and managers easily access information to efficiently run their businesses from a single console. A list of benefits provided by the expense tracking tool includes:

• Easy expense reporting for employees.

• Automatic use of expense reporting in calculating costs and/or profits of a project.

• Easy sharing of project expense details with clients.

• The ability for managers to limit the amount of reimbursable expenses on a project-by-project basis.

• Setting daily expense limits.

• Choosing whether or not management approval is required for a project expense.

The management suite, primarily a SaaS, is designed for major browsers on PCs and Macs in addition to major tablets. Optional desktop solutions with OS-specific features, such as screen capture, are also available.


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