June 7, 2018

Looking for a New Career? Recruiting May Be Just What You Need


You’ve been working in the same professional field all your adult life — and now you’re starting to wonder if this is really the career for you.

Sure, in your earlier days, you found it quite rewarding. You were making a living and doing something you cared about, something that challenged you, something that filled you with a sense of purpose.

But now it’s 5, 10, 15, or 20 years later, and the passion just isn’t there anymore. You feel you may have peaked in this field. You’ve accomplished everything you possibly could.

You have a couple of options now: Spend the rest of your career in a job that isn’t terribly satisfying, or take a leap into a new career that offers all the challenges and rewards your old one used to provide.

Personally, I’d recommend you make the change. Life’s short. There’s no sense in spending it in a career that leaves you wanting.

Not sure exactly what your new career should be? Here’s one you might one want consider: independent recruiting.

Interested in becoming a recruiter? Check out the Recruiter.com Certification Program, a self-paced program designed to introduce people with no previous recruiting experience to the recruiting industry.

Recruiting: A Thriving Sector That Needs New Talent

The recruiting industry is thriving, seeing year over year revenue growth since 2008. In 2016 alone, the recruiting and staffing industry brought in $150 billion in sales.

To maintain this pace, the recruiting industry is in constant need of new talent — which means career-changers need not worry about whether there is room for them in the field.

Nor do you have to worry about getting stuck in an unfulfilling role that fails to utilize your full skill set. A recruiter’s job is to connect employers in need with candidates who can provide value. Recruiters are constantly using creative problem-solving skills to land new clients, advertise jobs, find candidates, and make matches. There’s never a dull moment.

And recruiting comes with a load of other benefits, too:

1. Unlimited Earning Potential

As a recruiter, you are paid for your results. That means the sky is the limit as far as your earning potential is concerned. The more work you put in, the more value you deliver, the higher your paycheck.

2. Independent Work Options

Recruiters are in a unique position: Because they are paid based on performance, they have more control over their work arrangements. As a recruiter, you can work when you want, as little or as much as you want.

Perhaps you’re just itching to get out of your current career but not totally certain recruiting is the answer. You can try it on a part-time basis to start, making money while exploring other career options. Plus, the skills you learn and develop as a recruiter are transferable skills that can be applied to almost any other profession: communication skills, problem-solving, negotiation, client relations, customer service, sales skills, marketing skills, and more. No matter what you new career happens to be, your recruiting experience will help you stand out from even seasoned competitors in the talent market.

Or you can make recruiting your full-time job — which many people do. And why not? It gives you freedom, flexibility, and lots of earning power.

3. Choose the Style of Recruiting That Is Right for You

As a recruiter, you have options even beyond your schedule.

Would you prefer to get on the phone to wheel and deal with clients all day? Then you can become a business development recruiter.

Would you rather spend your time surfing social media, networking with people, and searching databases to find the perfect candidates for open roles? Then you can be a sourcing recruiter.

Would you like to do a little of both? Become a full-desk recruiter.

You can specialize even further by adopting a specific industry niche. Would you rather work with techies? Then recruit for clients in the tech industry. Is healthcare more interesting to you? Recruit for clients in the healthcare industry.

As a recruiter, you can build a customized profession. Work on your time, in the industries you’d like, for the people you’d like.

4. Short Ramp-Up Time

You don’t have to jump through many hoops to become a recruiter. You don’t need to go back to school to earn a new degree or spend an extended period of time in training. After picking up just a few basic concepts and skills, you can get in the door and start earning.

This is exactly what the Recruiter.com Certification Program (RCP) is here for. Designed for people with no recruiting experience, the RCP teaches you everything you need to know about recruiting, from sourcing candidates to landing clients to filling roles. As an RCP graduate, you’ll be a more productive recruiter in less time — which can translate easily to higher earnings, too.

If you want freedom, flexibility, high earning potential, and some very marketable skills, a career in recruiting is the right move for you. Check out the Recruiter.com Certification Program to get started today: https://www.recruiter.com/recruiter-training.html.

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Matthew Kosinski is the managing editor of Recruiter.com.