global job board for gradsSands Technologies, has announced the launch of a new Global Job Search function within the company’s M-Recruit Global Job Board Tool. The tool, currently in beta release, is used by recruiters and HR managers to find the right job candidates through a series of tests to determine the best fit. Programming and technology students can leverage M-Recruit’s Job Search algorithm to bridge the gap between their college education and real-world applications.

Jobseekers can access more than 38 million jobs published on nearly 24,000 websites across the world. A keyword-plus-location search generates results from more than seven million jobs in the U.S.

“A college degree is no longer a guarantee that a candidate possesses any actual, highly sought-after skills that a particular programming or developing job requires,” said Diane Eschenbach, CMO at Sands Technologies. “The reality is that today’s job market have produced a massive number of graduates with degrees that are not matching up correctly with the job opportunities that top recruiters and HR managers are hiring for.”

The M-Recruit Job Board helps college students and unemployed graduates bridge the gap between college and post-graduation job searches by providing them with real-world problems seeking real-world solutions.

“Combined with M-Recruit’s intuitive new Global Job Search function, students can also easily share their test scores with potential recruiters who are already using M-Recruit to see how they compare to fellow programmers, giving them a competitive edge in the job market – not only at home, here in the U.S., but also across the world,” concluded Eschenbach.

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