July 13, 2012

MicroStrategy Updates BI Platform with Dashboards, Big Data, and Analytics

microstrategyBusiness Intelligence (BI) software provider MicroStrategy has announced the release of the latest version of its core BI platform, MicroStrategy 9.3. The platform has been enhanced with better data exploration and dashboard creation for easier access to Big Data insights and advanced analytics. MicroStrategy 9.3 enables business professionals to make better business decisions and become more productive by providing the factual information needed to be completely informed.

The new release includes a number of major enhances that allow users to:

• Gain actionable business insights through better visual data exploration

• Create and share custom dashboards without extensive programming knowledge

• Leverage Big Data through access to Hadoop repositories

• Quickly search and build reports and dashboards

• Use advanced open-source analytics for better decision making

• Increase availability and lower cost through the use of automated system management

“MicroStrategy is extremely proud to announce the availability of MicroStrategy 9.3, which showcases our successful efforts in improving usability, time-to-value, and administrative ease,” said Sanju Bansal, MicroStrategy Chief Operating Officer. “We’re particularly excited about the ease of use enhancements to MicroStrategy Visual Insight, which allow business users to create powerful insights and dashboards in minutes.”

For more information on MicroStrategy 9.3, MicroStrategy 9.3 on the Cloud, or to access a free 25-user software bundle offering visual data discovery, mobile apps, dashboards, and report delivery, visit MicroStrategy.com.

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