October 7, 2013

Mobile Async Interview Provides Live and Pre-recorded Video Interviewing Tools

async logoVideo-interviewing technology firm Async Interview has introduced mobile functionality to its flagship video recruitment solution. Users of iDevices, Android, and Windows devices can now view, rate, and comment on video interviews on the go.

“With over 115 million smartphone users in the U.S. alone, we believe our clients want to have access anywhere to view candidate video interviews quickly”, Chris Young, CEO of Async Interview, said. “Our mobile compatibility doesn’t require clients to download an app making it that much easier for them to use and make decisions.”

The mobile solution helps make the process of viewing and providing team feedback for interviews more accessible and flexible in a virtual environment. The underlying technology already works to address inefficiencies and costs of conventional interviewing procedures. With the new mobile accessibility option, recruiters and HR pros are able to use a cloud-based, real-time video interviewing system with fewer time and cost restraints.

“The mobile announcement is a significant milestone for Async,” Young said. “Our industry is beginning to provide more mobile access and we believe video interviewing is a big part of that.”


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