December 2, 2014

‘Mobile Interrogator’ App Standardizes Interview Questions, Records Answers, More

mobile interrogator appCluso Investigation has announced the launch of the “Mobile Interrogator,” a versatile smart phone application to help everyone ask more questions.

The “Mobile Interrogator” by Cluso Investigation provides a mobile solution to script interview questions, record answers, and order background checks without collecting personal identification information (PII). The application has features including a side-by-side comparison of answers from multiple interviewees (targets), conducting interviews and storing recorded answers individually across multiple targets, and an “Investigate” feature to initiate a background check with only a person’s email address.

User of the “Investigate” feature requires a user to hold a Cluso Investigation account. The cost of each background check conducted varies and is billed directly to a client’s online account. All other features are free.

Users of Mobile Interrogator choose from more than 1300 questions stored and categorized by Cluso or create customized questions. Drag-and-drop is available to sequence the scripted questions.

In addition to being used for employment-related interviews (e.g., pre-hire, exit, and workplace investigation), the Mobile Interrogator can also be used for:

  • Ice-breakers for events
  • Selfie Interviews
  • Interviewing Practice
  • Cooperative Verbal or Simple Agreements
  • Entertainment and Humor
  • Investigative Reporting and Journalism

The application does not collect, use, or store personal identification information.

“We live in an automated age, but we still have to ask questions to uncover the truth,” said Sharon Sutila, CEO and founder of Cluso Investigation, a Texas-based private investigation firm.

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