magnifying is a free online employment site for first-time and entry-level job seekers. With the company’s newly announced mobile version of the site, the employment resources offered on are now available on smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices. The mobile site offers users job resources for thousands of companies, job search tips, and a video library containing firsthand accounts of applicants during all parts of the hiring process.

“The implementation of the mobile site is exciting because the job search is no longer tethered to the computer. We have empowered our users with the mobility they have come to expect as they integrate employment information into their daily lives. The new app makes our job resources available to users on most popular mobile and portable devices in the market. What we’ve learned is that just because someone is applying for an entry level job, it doesn’t mean that they don’t have access to the latest mobile technology, and is here to help all of our users no matter how they chose to access our site,” said Doug Crawford, president of

The company notes that 73 percent of mobile site users access it through an iOS-operated device. Another quarter of visitors use Android devices, while the remaining 2 percent are connected via a Blackberry, Windows Phone, or other mobile device.

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