Mobile Recruiting ApplicationLumesse, a global provider of integrated talent management solutions, has recently announced the release of their new on-the-go mobile recruiting application, Lumesse Mobile. The interface is designed to connect with Lumesse’s TalentLink SaaS talent management platform, enabling users to take their “office” with them wherever they go. The application is now available on Android, Apple iOS, and Blackberry mobile devices.

“Our customers told us they needed a way for their hiring and HR managers to access key information and decision making capabilities in Lumesse TalentLink while away from their desktops,” said Lumesse CEO, Matthew Parker. “We’ve responded by making Lumesse Mobile a core capability within Lumesse TalentLink and made it available for free download from the major app stores. It’s another example of our ‘Apps for Everything’ philosophy, which is setting the pace in the global talent management market.”

With the power of an enterprise talent acquisition platform behind it, Lumesse Mobile offers HR and Hiring managers the ability to screen and assess candidates, collaborate with team members, interview and post jobs, make hiring decisions, and much more.

Lumesse’s mobile recruiting application allows users to:

  • Access timely information “on-the-go” from a secure interface directly connected with Lumesse TalentLink.
  • Stay up to date by creating a personalized view of the most relevant information.
  • Connect and collaborate with team members for decision making.
  • Increase efficiency with easy to use features for reviewing, evaluating, and approving candidates.
  • Advertise positions by post new jobs across social networks.

The mobile recruiting application is available free for download in Android, Apple, and Blackberry App Stores.

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