mymatrixx logoBenefit management company myMatrixx has announced the launch of the first tool designed for both workers and WC professionals to facilitate a more efficient claims process. myMatrixx clients are able to access open claims or personal information from within a secure mobile platform for both Android and iOS devices. myMatrixx mobile is useful for adjusters in workers’ comp claims management who wish to access pharmacy and ancillary WC claims from their smart phones. Clients are also able to access and authorize pending orders and receive quotes for ancillary items.

“At myMatrixx we are constantly challenging ourselves to develop new innovations to streamline the claims management process for our clients while improving patient care,” said Artemis Emslie, President of myMatrixx. “By developing myMatrixx Mobile we have achieved both of these goals with one tool.”

myMatrixx Mobile also allows injured workers to more easily manage their claims. Key features include a pharmacy locator with driving directions, status updates for claims, and a mobile personalized ID card. myMatrixx Mobile grants patients enhanced communications options to help with program compliance ensuring a faster recovery and return to work.

“We’ve just scratched the surface with mobile and how it can be used in workers’ compensation. We have plans for added functionality and enhancements and see mobile as another valuable tool for benefit managers, clients and injured workers,” said Lindsay Rios, senior vice president of operations at myMatrixx.


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