city illustrationA recent poll conducted by worldwide job board site, revealed that while nearly 90 percent of respondents want their commute to the office to take less than an hour each way, 11 percent would be willing to travel for more than an hour each direction for their dream job.

“It’s no surprise that workers would prefer to spend less time traveling to and from work—even for their dream job,” said Mary Ellen Slayter, Career Advice Expert for “That time behind the wheel is time away from their friends and families, as well as productive time at work which is why the size of the group willing to use that much time getting to and from work is somewhat surprising.” asked, “What is the maximum amount of time you would you be willing to commute to your dream job (one way)?” to the U.S. visitors to its site, which received more than 4,500 responses. Feedback from the poll is below:

  •  I would commute up to 15 minutes each way – 14%
  •  I would commute up to 30 minutes each way – 44%
  •  I would commute up to 60 minutes each way – 31%
  •  I would commute up to 90 minutes each way – 4%
  •  I would commute over 90 minutes each way – 7%

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