pie chartAccording to a new survey by social media-based recruitment specialists staffbay.com, more than 87 percent of workers plan to look for a new job in 2014, and more than half of them reported that this is because they don’t trust their current boss.

The survey of 15,000 job seekers found that 87.2 percent of respondents said they wanted to leave their current positions. When asked “Why?” nearly 53 percent said it was because they didn’t find their boss trustworthy.

“The figures from our employment survey should act as a wake-up call to employers out there who might come back after Christmas to find a lot of empty desks,” Tony Wilmot, co-founder of staffbay.com, said. “They should ask themselves – do they really know their staff? Do they really know, for example, that according to staffbay.com figures, 87 percent of them will look online for a new job. Perhaps they don’t know their employees well enough, because most of them want to move on.”

“What this survey shows us is that there is a breakdown between employee and employer – many of the respondents to our survey said they simply don’t trust their boss to do the right thing by them and their career. Others felt they weren’t valued at all.

“With the rise of social media and video CVs, it’s really very easy to get a handle on what makes a prospective employee tick. Paper CVs are dead – more and more employers are now searching for candidates using social media, as it gives them a much better overview of what that candidate is about before they actually meet them.”

He added, “HR departments need to switch themselves onto the fact that young people are now willing to engage with potential employees in a completely different way. The problem of trust won’t solve itself – it’s up to employers to get to know their workforce as well as they can – before they lose them altogether.”


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