10 percent of americans looking for jobJoberate, a digital information service that measures and quantifies job seeking behaviors of the global workforce, has released a recently conducted analysis of U.S. job seeking behavior. The survey of data showed that 12.1 percent of full-time working Americans are exploring or actively seeking new employment opportunities, up from 8.2 percent over the last 90 days.

Nearly 5 percent of U.S. workers are exploring new employment opportunities, while 7.3 percent are actively seeking new jobs. Joberate’s data is derived from technology that measures people’s publicly available digital footprint, which includes their public Social Media data, to quantify what U.S. workers are actually doing in terms of their job seeking activities, instead of responses to marketplace surveys.

“Our mission is to help society better understand job seeking behaviors of the global workforce, and to quantify that behavior so that it’s easier for economists to assess micro and macro employment trends, for companies to retain their talent, and for people to find work that fulfills their lifestyle,” said Michael Beygelman CEO at Joberate. “Even though we are living in the information age, companies still rely on intuition, generic surveys, and static HR data to rationalize the complexities of what is happening with their workforce on a real-time basis, how to capture marketplace opportunities, and how to avoid risk.”

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