newspaper graphicA new survey by The Morning Consult has found that two-thirds of those who responded are at least somewhat concerned their employer will move them onto a public exchange. Forty percent were either “extremely concerned” or “very concerned.” One quarter were not at all worried.

“Workers with employer-sponsored health plans largely have a negative view of what such a move would mean for their coverage, and would even consider looking for a new job under that scenario,” The Morning Consult reported.

Those polled were asked if they would consider looking elsewhere for a job if their employer shifted them to a public exchange. Here’s what they said:

• 12 percent would “extremely seriously” consider looking for a job with employer sponsored healthcare coverage;

• 17 percent would “very seriously” look for a new job;

• 23 percent would “somewhat seriously” consider a new job;

• 38 percent didn’t think such a move would motivate them to look for a new job.

When asked if they thought Obamacare would get better or worse, respondents were fairly divided:

• 40 percent said it would get worse;

• 33 percent said it would get better;

• 27 percent thought it would stay about the same.

The poll also found more blacks and Hispanics approve of Obamacare than white people, and less than a third of those polled thought Congress should either delay or repeal PPACA.


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