employees think gamification and recognition do not mixThe 2014 Globoforce Workforce Mood Tracker, from social recognition solutions provider Globoforce, has found that as new technologies change the workplace, most U.S workers (70 percent) do not believe that gamification is a positive addition to recognition programs. Other findings from the report include:

• 62 percent of respondents said recognition becomes less meaningful if points are given to the person giving that recognition.

• 79 percent would not work harder if the number of recognition awards received or given was ranked on a leader board.

• Just 4 percent of respondents felt that eThanks, with no gift or monetary value, would be a memorable form of recognition.

• 59 percent prefer a thank you that includes a gift or reward.

• 73 percent prefer milestone input from a manager and peers.

• 68 percent believe that years-of-service awards are more meaningful if they include career details.

• 25 percent of respondents reported receiving a years-of-service award for less than five years of service.

“Our latest Workforce Mood Tracker challenges widely held beliefs about what are the most powerful motivators in a successful recognition program. For one, eThanks without tangible rewards is insufficient as the sole means of recognition. Our survey also debunks the belief that gamification can enhance recognition programs,” Eric Mosley, CEO of Globoforce, said. “By taking these realities into consideration when forming a recognition program, today’s HR leaders can better meet the needs and desires of their multi-generational workforce.”


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