word jobs under magnifying glassIn a recent survey by FindEmployment, an online global recruitment platform, over one-third of respondents said they felt that the economy is driving job seekers to be more creative in how they market themselves to employers. Just over 10 percent of survey respondents reported that job seekers who use more extreme tactics in order to stand out among candidates are desperate for any jobs. Another 10 percent think though that these candidates are simply attention seekers.

However, 31 percent agreed that certain candidates are just more inventive and charming than others and use their talents to their advantage when pursuing a job. When considering creative means for standing out among a crowded labor pool, 15 percent of those surveyed said that they would consider writing a blog or novel while 13 percent would go as far as posting their resume on a job board outside of their target employer. About 8 percent of respondents said they would consider purchasing a billboard or other advertisement for a job and 5 percent would think about creating a flash mob to praise their skills in front of a recruiter.

Other findings include:

• Most job seekers (41 percent) perceive more employment opportunities now thanks to the rise of online recruitment, social media, and recruitment companies.

• 28 percent of respondents felt that the state of the global economy is at fault for the difficulty in finding jobs.

• Over 25 percent responded that globalization and travel will help them more easily find a job.

“The findings of this study highlights that job seekers today are ready to incur considerable expense in order to stand out from the crowd of applicants,” said Emma MacKenzie, Chief Editor of CareerAddict.com, FindEmployment’s dedicated employment blog. “Billboard adverts and picket boards can place a burden on job seekers funds when they are trying to improve their financial future. A better alternative to avoid these pricey options is writing articles and having them published for free on websites and blogs. Contributing to blogs can showcase your unique talents and interests, and recruiters can read your portfolio if you include links to it on your CV.”


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