Movember: Moustaches, Company Culture, and the Candidate Experience

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'StacheWhat do involved job seekers, rich company culture, and the month of November have in common? They all want amazing mustaches. In the 11th year of its existence, Movember has seen a large growth in participation. Movember is the global movement where men commit to donning facial hair in an effort to raise awareness about prostate cancer and men’s mental health. The movement started in Melbourne, Australia, in 2003 and has raised over $559 million, funded over 800 programs in 21 countries, and grown 4 million mustaches worldwide since then.

Though the movement has experienced great success, one-third of men surveyed say they won’t be participating in the cause because they don’t want it to impact their job search. Their fear is valid, as many companies have strict guidelines for their employees’ appearances. While policies such as these aren’t something most hiring managers or HR professionals can take complete responsibility for, here is what participating in this movement — or others like it — could do for your team:

Makes You More Approachable found that 61 percent of job seekers tend to like companies that support causes like Movember. According to the 2014 Millennial Impact Report:

  • One-third of millennials say that a company’s volunteer policies affect their decision to apply for a job;
  • 39 percent say that volunteer policies affect their decision to interview for the company;
  • and 55 percent say that volunteer policies play a part in accepting a job offer.

Company culture is important in grabbing the attention of both active and passive candidates. When applicants are looking for jobs, 29 percent want an honest/transparent culture, and 22 percent look for a casual/relaxed one. It may not be realistic to expect all companies to be lax on policies such as these, but participating in philanthropic events might be the difference between attracting and hiring the next great employee and missing out completely.

Increases Engagement

When a company wants to show its employees that it appreciates their work, decision-makers think money, benefits, and other tangible awards. While those things are important to your employees, they are not all that is necessary to keep your office engaged. Companies with strong sustainability programs have:

  • 55% percent better morale among employees;
  • 43 percent more efficient business processes;
  • 43 percent better public images;
  • and 38 percent better employee loyalty.

Overall, 76 percent of workers who volunteered feel better about themselves and their participating employer. Looking into even smaller practices, like wearing pink in October for Breast Cancer Awareness, could make a big difference in your office morale.

Does Wonders for Your Style

It has become apparent in recent years that branding is no longer just your marketing department’s concern. With candidate experience weighing heavy on more than the current applicant, hiring managers and recruiters alike must consider how they conduct interviews and onboarding. If interested applicants hear negative things about your company, then you can bet that fewer and fewer people will apply to be a part of your company. Aren’t quite ready to believe that HR holds the key to a company’s brand? Consider this:

  • 62 percent of candidates check out your company on social media to make sure that what you offer is true;
  • 50 percent of candidates will tell their friends about a bad experience;
  • and 91 percent of candidates believe employment brand or reputation plays a role in their decision to apply.

Of course, this talk and reputation isn’t all bad news. In fact, 64 percent of candidates will tell their friends about a good experience, so there’s no time like now to change up the way employees and applicants feel about you and your processes. If you feel like you’re one person and powerless to make big changes, remember that a friendly face can make a huge difference. In fact, smiling may actually be contagious and can increase your likability.

If you’re interested in partaking in this year’s Movember, take a moment to consider this list of the best mustaches of all time before you begin your journey. If policies won’t allow you and your coworkers to become Mo Bros and Sistas, that’s okay! There are plenty of causes and programs that need attention from your team. Simply communicating these interests could be the best bonding experience for you and your office mates.

Does your team have a great cause or philanthropy that you feel everyone should know about? Tell us in the comments! 

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