pulse releases as employee engagement platformMutual Force has announced the launch of Pulse, a technology platform that helps organizations continually improve employee engagement. Pulse improves engagement while developing managers in leadership skills. Pulse takes a balanced approach to improve engagement and focuses on all engagement factors to improve engagement. To improve engagement, an organization needs better managers. When managers have better leadership skills, improving employee engagement becomes easier.

Pulse encourages employees to add real-time feedback and ideas based on our employee engagement model. Managers develop leadership skills through action learning when they work on implementing these ideas and feedback throughout the year. With action planning tools, managers can work on implementing employee ideas and feedback. This helps in continuous improvement in employee engagement and leadership development. With Pulse, clients can see better ROI for employee engagement initiatives in addition to leadership development programs.

Pulse is based on Mutual Force’s employee engagement model, adult learning theory, collaborative leadership, situational leadership theory, problem based learning/action learning, and proprietary software.


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