peer to peer marketplace solution for the sharing economyThe Near Me platform-as-a-service seeks to provide brand and entrepreneurs with the tools to create customizable peer-to-peer marketplaces sans the traditional costs and time. Near Me will provide predictive analytics, cooperative competitions, and aim to reshape e-commerce through the multiple marketplaces powered by the platform. Near Me provides customizable branding, payment solutions through PayPal, Balance and Stripe along with administrative and analytics dashboards. Near Me’s support team provides 24/7 support and is search optimized and mobile responsive without the need for additional coding.

“The same analytics used in criminology, fraud and organized crime detection, will help marketplaces build trusted networks,” said CTO and Co-Founder of Near Me, Adam Broadway. “Fold-on-top peer group analysis, comments and reviews and marketplaces will no longer be the wild-west of commerce, but credible places to connect, swap, rent/subscribe and buy.”

“Think of a home hardware chain store, for example, powering a marketplace for the community to rent/share their rarely used lawn-mowers, hedge trimmers, power tools,” Broadway continued. “And what to do with all that great data? That hardware store can learn, refine and provide better services, based on participation rather than protection.”

“We are creating customizable marketplaces that all have a unique twist to them,” said Michelle Regner, CEO and co-founder of Near Me. “We are pushing the collaborative economy forward by making it easier for non-developers to build a marketplace quickly, whether it’s a pop-up marketplace for a brand event/campaign or for longevity as a complete business.”


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