efficient formsWhile most employers still accept paper employment applications despite preference for paperless apps, the centralized candidate analysis and automation of the application process offered by paperless systems makes the hiring process simpler on both the candidate and management ends. Efficient Forms, LLC’s Efficient Employment Application is a web-accessible system based in the same onboarding technology as the company’s Efficient Hire SaaS.

Through a company-branded careers website, applicants provide answers to a set of questions to complete their application then upload their resume. Efficient Employment Application them properly formats each application and resume and sends it to the appropriate hiring manager. Upon hiring, the program then makes the information from the job application available for the on-boarding process through Efficient Forms’ Efficient Hire program.

“We have found that the vast majority of our Efficient Hire customers, large and small, exclusively use a job app for hiring entry-level employees. Our customers typically don’t need most of the functionality provided by ATS or TMS solutions which is why they have chosen to continue to use a simple job app for their hiring needs. Our Efficient Employment Application keeps the job application process simple for our customers while also making it faster and more efficient.” David Kenney, CEO at Efficient Forms, LLC.

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