NewsA new website by Flexible Benefit Service Corporation (Flex) has been launched to service Producers, Employers, and Employees. Flex is a leader in both the health insurance and benefits administration markets, providing cost-effective health care to companies. A promotional video is available for viewers to see key features of the website, allowing Producers and Employers to gain access to audience-specific product information, resources, and more. Employees can learn about employee benefits available through Flex.

John DiVito, president of Flex, states, “We pride ourselves on continually identifying and investing in ways to better serve our clients. The ultimate goal for launching the new web site is to enhance the client experience on every level of the sales process through an interactive, audience-driven approach.”

Flex has also modified its Flex125 Cafeteria Plan, which will allow Employers to purchase FlexFSA Flexible Spending Accounts, FlexPOP™ Premium Only Plans and FlexNDT™ Non-Discrimination Testing on a stand-alone basis.

Since 1988, Flex has been leading the way in the health insurance and benefits administration markets, offering healthcare solutions that are cost-effective for Producers, Employers, and Employees. Flex has two major divisions: The Flex General Agency, which allows Producers access to group and individual health insurance carriers, products, and sales resources, as well as Flex Plans, which cater to Employers and Employees with an in-house portfolio of benefits administration products.

For additional information about Flex, visit or call 888-353-9178.

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