semyouBusiness app cloud company semYOU LLC has announced the imminent launch of its cloud-based office system that provides a software infrastructure for businesses of any size that require easy applications access for any management task. The new system gives users access to 15 enterprise management apps such as Task-Manager, Project-Manager, Project-Timer-Recording, among others, that are available to all Cloud Office users.

“In less than three minutes, a business can make the whole software infrastructure of semYOU available for individual users, teams, projects or the whole company, complete with an administration suite for managing users, groups, rights and licenses, security as well as customization,” said Volker Jahns, CEO of semYOU LLC. “The big advantage of implementing a virtual office via semYOU Cloud Office is that you have the ability to be flexible and scalable for each new situation in your business,” said Jahns. “Instead of your being stuck with a rigid system architecture that’s dedicated to specific applications, the new enterprise app idea from semYOU is to enable you to use professional apps for each business case, just when you need them.”

And since it is web-based, the system requires no software downloads or installations. Plans start at $15 per user per month and have access to all 15 apps within the Cloud Office suite. For more information visit

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