The Rowing Team logoThe Rowing Team, LLC announced the launch of its brand new corporate wellness application, The app provides health and wellness tips and training in a variety of brain-fitness areas including: logical reasoning, visual thinking, and creative problem solving. The application is advertised as “bite-sized” in that training regimens require only small doses of time each day to reach measurable improvements in daily performance.

“We are thrilled Blue Ocean Brain is hitting the mark with company leaders. In the age of Pinterest, we understand that employees want small bites of actionable information delivered every single day. Blue Ocean Brain does this and more, all in about 10 minutes a day,” said Co-Creator Claire Herring.

The wellness app focuses on teaching habits conducive to brain health that result in improved productivity and efficiency.

“In the Knowledge Economy most companies pay people to think for a living. Blue Ocean Brain delivers unique experiences to help employees develop brain-healthy habits which drive productivity and performance,” said Gemma Brooks, co-creator. aims to help employers prevent the increase of healthcare costs by addressing workplace problems such as stress, chronic medical conditions, and job indifferences to boost the productivity, efficiency, and engagement of all participating employees. Blue Ocean Brain is subscription based and customizable allowing companies to select only those options in alignment with their individual priorities. Product demos are offered each week at

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